Create once, post everywhere – the pros and cons of the COPE methodology


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The COPE methodology – a lazy way to fill your content calendar or a smart way to save time? You decide.

COPE stands for create once, post everywhere. The COPE methodology, therefore, is about using one piece of content to fit several purposes. Today we’re taking a look at the pros and cons of this method in relation to your social media channels.

In other words, when is it time to say ‘nope’ to COPE?

The Pros of the COPE methodology

Get more from your content

The COPE method strongly encourages the spreading of content far and wide; a necessary step when you’re looking to share something in particular such as a video or a blog post. Sharing this content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn will maximise the number of views and engagement.

Save time (and money, and energy)

More than anything, using the COPE method is just an efficient way of updating your audience. If you’re looking to make a specific announcement, there’s little to no point in tailoring your messaging for different social networks, as long as your post remains clear across the board.

Consistency is a wonderful thing

Sharing the same content across multiple channels is an easy way to keep things consistent when it comes to your branding and tone of voice. It’ll also allow you to see whether different social networks respond differently to the same content. This will provide you with useful information for improving your strategy in the future.

The Cons of the COPE methodology

Tailored content is effective content

People like to feel special. You wouldn’t copy and paste several friends the exact same text message, so why treat your social media followers the same way? Content created with a specific audience in mind is always going to be more likely to ‘hit the spot’ and get more engagement.

Social networks are different, so treat them differently

The COPE method can easily lead you down the ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ path. If you’re using the same content for multiple social channels then you’re unlikely to become particularly successful at any one network. Somebody who only had an Instagram account would be creating content that is ENTIRELY different from somebody who creates for LinkedIn. Think about that.

Make your audience want to follow you…anywhere and everywhere

If you’re posting all the same content across all your social accounts, then your audience is unlikely to follow you on more than one network. Keep your content varied if you want to form a deeper connection with your audience.

To summarise…

COPE isn’t the antichrist or the holy grail. While we don’t recommend getting too absorbed in the idea of COPE, it’s a great way to be more efficient and keep your channels afloat with limited time and effort. However, when you’re looking to make a bigger impression on social media, we’d say it’s time to think a little more carefully about what you’re posting and where.

How do you feel about the COPE methodology? Let us know your thoughts over on Twitter at @ContentCal_io

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