Reposting on Instagram 101: etiquette, tricks, and tips


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You scroll, you like, you tag friends, you send DM’s, but sometimes you spot something really cool that’s been posted by a friend or an influencer, and all you want to do is take their content start reposting on Instagram.

Nothing wrong with that right?

It’s totally fine to repost someone else’s Instagram post – but there are a few things you ought to keep in mind. Not everyone loves having their content re-shared, and some might not be happy if it looks like your picture.

With that in mind, here’s some things to try when it comes to reposting on Instagram

Give credit

If you want to repost some amazing photography, or share a picture that’s been created by an artist, you should 100% give credit to the creator. Tag their handle in the post and make it clear to your followers that you’re not passing their work off as your own. If they’re trying to accumulate a following, they might even appreciate your sharing of their content and spreading of their talent.

Ask for permission

If you want to repost something that’s a little more personal – perhaps it’s a picture that contains some faces, perhaps it’s a picture of someone’s child, or pet, or maybe it’s something they own – you should definitely consider asking their permission directly and seeing if they would mind you reposting their content on your page. Keep in mind that you may be following some people who don’t have their profile public – if you’re reposting on Instagram from a private page then you should absolutely ask permission.

Put their handle on the picture

Another great way to explicitly show that you’ve been reposting on Instagram is to actually include the @handle of the original poster on the actual image. If you’re using a mobile app to repost quickly and easily, this may be automatically put on your image. It’s a great way to make sure there’s no misunderstandings about who created the image.

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Speaking of apps…

There’s no need for this screen-capping malarkey that reduces quality and… well, is a bit of a faff. Here’s some apps that you can use for easy reposting on Instagram.

  • Repost for Instagram
  • Repost it Whiz for Instagram
  • Regrammer

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