Connect ContentCal to thousands of your favourite web apps with our new Zapier integration


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ContentCal is now available on Zapier and it’s pretty damn fantastic. Connect ContentCal to all of your favourite apps now. 

ContentCal is currently in the ‘Early Access’ category in the Zapier store. For instant access, connect here.

What is Zapier?

Zapier allows thousands of apps to be connected and work together. You can use Zapier to set up automated workflows called ‘Zaps’. These Zaps allow apps to send data from one to the other without the need for code.

What does this mean for ContentCal?

Now that we’re integrated with Zapier, you can now use ContentCal in connection with all of your favourite software including Pocket, Facebook Groups, and Buffer (for automated Instagram publishing). Read the support doc to get clued up.

Not sure where to start? Here are some zaps to try…

Pocket to ContentCal for sending content to your Pinboard

Pocket allows you to store articles and pages from across the internet. With Zapier, you can send anything saved in Pocket straight to your Pinboard in ContentCal.

ContentCal to Buffer for automated Instagram publishing

Using Zapier, ContentCal can send your Instagram content direct to Buffer at the scheduled time and date. Buffer will publish the post to your Instagram account (and you won’t need to use ContentCal’s mobile app).

ContentCal to Facebook Groups for publishing content

Publish content to Facebook Groups using our Zapier integration. Once content is approved within ContentCal, Zapier will publish the content in your chosen Facebook Group.

ContentCal to Pinterest for publishing content

You can plan and create content for Pinterest in ContentCal, and then use our Zapier integration to publish it to your Pinterest account.


What apps are you going to use with ContentCal thanks to our new Zapier integration? Let us know over on Twitter @ContentCal_io

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