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Nurturing a powerful social media presence which ticks off KPIs and routinely delivers measurable ROI is not achieved by chance.

A huge number of ingredients go into successful social media management; building a following, readily engaging, continually improving, keeping up with changes to platform algorithms – you name it. One absolutely crucial part of the puzzle is building a great social media calendar. You can have all the followers in the world and be on top of every platform update but without top quality content, you’ll be going nowhere fast.

In our experience, there is one ‘Golden Rule’ upon which any social media marketing strategy should be built.

“Quality over quantity, but if you can do both you will win.”

Social media is all about engagement and being a presence your demographic want to follow. If you’re looking to create long term advocates of your business, you can’t poke them with sales messaging every day. These are people who’ve chosen to have your business in their personal social media feeds. Create quality content that gives people value, and the more you publish the good stuff, the more frequently they’ll come back for more.

Automating writing is a no go. Tools out there that spin headlines into social media posts are just lazy. If you’re reading this post, you’re already questioning whether your current social media content is up to scratch, and if you’re using a tool that automates your content, ditch it. Customers see right through it.

So, how to achieve this?

We created ContentCal from a 3-step framework we consider to be the trifecta of successful social media management…

Step 1: Plan


Social media marketing and content publishing is like anything else. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Just a couple of hours of forward planning per week can generate a powerful social media schedule which is rich in amazing created and curated evergreen content and which is equally ready to be responsive when the time is right.

How ContentCal can help…

  • Store assets and campaign reminders – map your company’s ‘calendar year’ with our campaign manager feature. Include events, notable opportunities within your market, public holidays and anything else you can think of that will be a potential concept to post about. Store images, video and .gifs within campaign folders which can be easily accessed and downloaded when ready to use.
  • Intelligent planning tools – Advance planning is essential to well-conceived social content which really taps into your target market’s interests. Future-proof your editorial calendar by storing as many draft posts and content ideas as possible – even one word ideas to save you thinking of things later. ContentCal’s post queue allows you to create social messages in advance which you can easily drag and drop to go live at any time – ideal for industry events you know are in the pipeline, but which don’t have a set date.  The placeholder feature allows you to leave visual reminders in the calendar which can be easily adapted into posts when ready to use.
  • Shared calendars for visibility throughout your team – take a holistic approach to your social media strategy with a process that accommodates input from each area of the business. Invite the whole team to view your editorial calendar and create best in class content with ContentCal’s smart collaboration tools

Step 2: Collaborate


Social media marketing can be a bitty affair; from tone of voice documents and schedules in spreadsheets, to visual assets in lost folders and your brand’s key dates stashed goodness only knows where.

It can also be ad hoc and hotch potch, with team members doing bits and bobs now and then, as and when. This situation does not make for strong, cohesive, high quality social content.

How ContentCal can help…

  • Smart collaboration tools – The best content is created by teams. From customer service and sales, to HR, there are lots of individuals in businesses who have fresh perspectives that marketing sorts haven’t considered. Harnessing your whole team can help generate new ideas and keep your content strategy fresh. Invite team members to leave feedback and contribute on posts via comments, whilst ContentCal’s email notification system ensures you never miss a beat.
  • Give management a full view of your calendar – We all know the scenario; The next fortnight’s content is written, approved and scheduled to social channels ready to go live, then a last-minute request comes in from ‘The Powers That Be’ which throws everything out of sync. Provide managers an at-a-glance view of all social media content across multiple channels, and keep the whole team up to speed with a live-updating calendar that tracks changes and edits in real-time.
  • Approval workflows –  ContenCal’s multi-party approval flow, collaborative features and easy-to-set permissions are ideal for getting everyone involved in a simple-to-moderate, streamlined way.

Step 3: Publish


  • Autoschedule to social channels – Stop doubling up on tasks and start planning, scheduling and publishing from one dashboard. ContentCal’s autoschedule feature eliminates the process of transferring social media posts from spreadsheets, word docs or email chains to scheduling software – saving you valuable time to spend thinking up new content ideas.
  • Gain full control of your social media publishing – Invite copywriters – either in house or outsourced – to input content direct into the calendar. Restrict their permissions so that only content approved by you is posted to the platform and moderate your social media publishing with our traffic light system of amber, green and red. When time is in short supply and you need to publish content fast, easily filter the dashboard to view only content which is awaiting your approval
  • Minimise risk – Social media management should never be conducted by just one individual – no matter how experienced. ContentCal’s stand-out approval flow tool is a powerful way to make sure no tweet or Facebook post ever goes unmoderated. Whether you want your posts to go through just one level of peer review for proofing, or want a member of management to have final sign-off on posts, our approval flow feature ensures every message is scrupulously checked

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