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For any social media marketer, continually fluctuating social media image sizes can leave your page looking less than professional if you fail to keep pace. In the ‘image is everything’ world of social media, looking the part is half the battle.

From stretched out profile pictures and pixelated headers, to misaligned ads and squashed cover photos, keeping up with social media image size requirements and all the social media management tools is essential for brands that want to look slick and professional online. This helpful guide will give you all the sizes you need to get your social media images shipshape.


It can feel like there are countless size requirements for Facebook images. With so many different ways to share visual content on the platform, getting them right is key. Here are the crucial details.

Facebook cropped


There are only a few image types to keep looking sharp on your Twitter profile, so make sure you get them right…

Twitter cropped


There’s lots to take note of here, especially if you want your LinkedIn page to look busy and professional…

LinkedIn cropped


With just three image sizes to keep up with, Instagram is an easy account to keep looking good.

Instagram cropped

Now you’ve sorted your social media images, it’s time to start publishing some first class content with ContentCal. Sign up free today to get started.

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