How to make the most of ContentCal in six simple steps


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Watch our Director of Growth, Andy Lambert, explain how to get the best of ContentCal in six steps.

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1. Content Planning

Organise all your content in our simple and intuitive content calendar interface. Send content for approval and when it’s ready allow ContentCal to automatically publish to your social media channels on your behalf.


2. Content Creation

To make things simple, you can integrate ContentCal to popular file sharing sites like Google Drive or Dropbox, or if you can’t find the right image to share, you can use our free stock image library to find some extra inspiration. 


3. Content Curation

Sometimes you just want to share content that already exists. So to make this simple, you can integrate ContentCal to tools like Feedly or Pocket. Bring in that content to ContentCal onto the Pinboard on the left hand side and drag that into ContentCal whenever you’re ready.


4. Create once, publish everywhere

With ContentCal, you can integrate to over 1500 different applications, allowing you to maximise the reach of your content. So, you can connect ContentCal to Medium, Youtube, or Pinterest, or simply invite your colleagues to connect their Linkedin personal profiles to maximise the reach of your posts.


5. Analytics

Here you can understand your page level performance, you can see individual posts that are performing best, and you can also analyse your performance by different categories. Think of things like content themes or different campaigns. 


6. Respond

You can manage your social community with ContentCal respond, managing any direct messages and app mentions.


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