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NOW TV is an online entertainment service that provides its customers access to the best of cable TV programming, without a contract.

With a multi-channel social media strategy comprised of numerous messaging themes and content pillars, NOW TV needed a practical solution for progress blockers in their team’s workflow.

Having found no other social media management tool that could solve their need for planning, approvals and publishing, NOW TV have now been using ContentCal for a year.

The Problem

  • The Community Team used a shared Google Doc to create and submit content for approval
  • To keep track of approval status, members of the team were required to manually colour code individual posts
  • Any feedback or edits were communicated to relevant team members via email, before content was reviewed and approved by the Community Manager
  • Once approved, the next step was to schedule content in a third party software. As the software did not support Facebook, these posts had to be posted to the channel direct
  • Scheduled content was then manually colour-coded as ‘scheduled’ in the shared Google Doc, after which managers would review content again to ensure everything was scheduled

The Solution

  • In NOW TV’s previous process, assets were a challenge. ContentCal’s Plan feature is a simple solution to store images, video and .GIFs in campaign folders that display as ribbons along the top of their calendar
  • Since switching to ContentCal, NOW TV have been able to reduce a 2 step process down to 1 – saving at least an hour per day for the team across creation and approval workflows
  • With a single dashboard to gain an at a glance overview of everything being published across multiple channels, there have been noticeable improvements to visibility across the team
  • By using the Post Backlog, the team can plan draft ideas and posts which can easily be dragged and dropped into the calendar when ready to use

Since switching to ContentCal, Social Media Manager, Diana Hajnal has noticed significant time savings on day-to-day processes.

“ContentCal has taken a 2-step process down to 1. It saves at least an hour a day for the team. In our previous process assets were a challenge. Our posts are heavy on images and GIFS and Content Calendr makes it much simpler to store the content.” 

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